Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 5-3, Section B
Bob-ombs are here and who doesn't like them. These guys wander around until Mario is near and once Mario is near, they start their fuse. Do this for the bottom wall, just stand there, the Bob-omb will start flashing and then boom. The wall is gone. Bob-ombs will
keep coming out the pots and will always come out the opposite side. Grab the fresh out the pot Bob-omb to blow up the next wall. Also grab the next Bob-omb, run left and jump off the trampoline. Quickly get rid off the Bob-omb by throwing it on top of the blocks. Climb down the ladder to get another Bob-omb and once again jump off the trampoline Toss the Bob-omb onto the horizontal set of blocks. Jump down to hit the Blue Switch and climb all the ladder all the way to the top. Up here is another Bob-omb and it's pot. Grab the Bob-omb and fall through the red outlines. Throw the Bob-omb onto the
wall of blocks. While waiting for the Bob-omb to explode, climb the ladder up and wait on the leftside of the pot for another Bob-omb to appear on the rightside. Grab it and fall through the red outlines again, quickly go left and toss the Bob-omb underneath the Yellow Prize. Jump on top of the Bob-omb and perform a backflip to collect the Yellow Prize. Now climb back up the ladder and Hit the Red Switch. Grab the Bob-omb and jump onto the red platform above the spikes. Throw the Bob-omb on top of the blocks above the mini-mario. Hit the Blue Switch and you know the rest.
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