Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 5-3, Section A
This section is pretty tough, every second is valuable. I keep thinking that theres a better way, but it seems like there is only one. If you're stuck here, stick to it. You'll eventually beat it. Grabbing the Key is one of the last things in other levels, but here it comes first.
Grab it and throw it onto the conveyor. Get on the conveyor and ride it to the otherside. Pick up the Key and jump on top of the switch that will reverse the conveyor directions. Skip the Red Switch and jump off the trampoline to the platform above. Next jump on top of the Yellow Switch, throw the Key onto the conveyor. The yellow block will hold onto it until you grab it. After grabbing the Key, jump for the Red Prize and land on the edge of the conveyor. Throw the Key, it should hit off the wall and fall onto the edge of the conveyor. The timer starts and you only have 12 seconds before it expires.
Jump on top of the Key and get on the highest conveyor. Keep jumping left, otherwise you will fall back on top of the Key. If this does happen pick up the Key again and throw it. Fall of the conveyor and land on the platform below, quickly run off the edge and drop down to the ground level. Be careful not to hit the conveyor switch, just fall straight down. Hit the Red Switch on the left, this will move the Key closer to the door and make a ladder appear. Climb the ladder up before the Key resets. Grab it and there you have it.
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