Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 5-2, Section B
We are now in Section B and it is a hammerless section. Climb the first rope up and jump right. Next jump on top of the cymbol monkey to reach the rope and hit the Yellow Switch. Climb the rope up to collect the Yellow Prize and quickly slide down the rope.
Now quickly run to the left to hit the Red Switch. If you did this fast enough the cymbol monkey should fall down onto the red platform as a result of the yellow blocks disappearing. If not just hit the Yellow Switch again and try again. Next climb the rope again and wait for the cymbol monkey to come near. Hang onto the cymbol monkey and let it guide you toward the Blue Prize. Don't collect the Blue Prize since you'll hit the Yellow Switch, just be patient and wait until the cymbol monkey is over the red platform, then hit it. This will cause the cymbol monkey to drop another level. This now makes the
spike pit crossable. Before you start crossing the spike pit, hit the Red Switch on the far left. Hitting the Red Switch causes two red blocks to appear over the last few spikes. Now cross it by hanging onto the cymbol monkey and transfering to the two ropes. Hang on to the last cymbol monkey, drop down onto the red blocks and finally take the trampoline up to smash the bubble.
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