Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 5-2, Section A
The hammer is what makes 5-2 fun. Climb up the ladder and grab the Hammer. The sleeping spear shyguy will wake up and start charging toward you. Little does it know that it's spear is no match for your hammer. After pounding him, throw the hammer up in the
air once you're near the next ladder. Climb the ladder up and the hammer will fall in Mario's hands. The next spear shyguy will wake up, pound him for 600 more points. Throw the hammer up in the air if you still have it, jump to hit the Blue Switch. Mario will be defenseless against the spear equipped shyguys, when they charge, just jump over their heads. After avoiding both of them grab the hammer, too bad they can't jump over Mario. Next throw the hammer up in the air and hit the Red Switch. The hammer should fall back into Mario's hands with enough time to give the next spear shyguy a wake up call. Hit the
Blue Switch, drop down to grab another hammer and take out the last spear shyguy. Climb the ladder down, grab the Key and hit the Red Switch. Go left to reach the door and there you have it.
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