Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 5-1, Section A
We're in Mystic Forest right now, we're pretty far in the game but still have a long way to go. The levels are getting tougher but we're hanging in there. Lets start it off on the right foot by hitting the switch. This will reverse all conveyors and allow you to duck under the
gap. Next climb the ladder and grab the Key. Jump up and toss the Key onto the conveyor. Run toward the switch and hit it to reverse the conveyors to guide the Key away from the dangerous spike pits. Once it reaches the bottom hit the switch once more to allow Mario to go back to the otherside to pick up the Key. Reverse the conveyor again and toss the Key to let it pass through the gap, once more duck and join the Key on the otherside. Grab it and open sesame.

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