Mario vs Donkey Kong

Spooky House, Level MM
This level can be confusing at first, but we're here to break it down. In the beginning theres a unreachable rope, jump on top of the toy Marios and then its reachable. Go left and hit the Blue Switch. Climb back and slide down. Next go left and hit the Red Switch
to trap the throwmp above. Move right, collecting the T along the way and hit the Yellow Switch. The Throwmp will slowly rise, now quickly run right before he drops again. Straight ahead is a trampoline, jump off it to the next level and wait for your little friends. You don't have to collect TOY in order, so jump on top of the purple platform with the Blue Switch and walk enough to collect the Y. Backflip to the platform above or use the trampoline, either way you're going to have to wait for the toy Marios to join you. Drop down to the platform with the Blue Switch, walk left so the Throwmp will drop and
quickly hit the Blue Switch. Next cross the blue blocks and the O. Go right and jump off the trampoline and yet again wait for the toy Marios. Hit the Red Switch and go left, its a pretty good jump so try to jump at the last second. All the toy Marios will follow. Fill the box up and lift.
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