Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 4-6, Section B
There is a little knight trapped, if you help it, it will help you. So free it by hitting the Blue Switch, Red Switch and the Blue Switch again. Climb the ladder down whenever the little knight is on Mario's right. Then duck as soon as you touch the ground, this will alert the
little knight and it'll do what it does best, push you onto the otherside. Alright jump on top of the little knight again to reach the blue ladder and climb it up. Ignore the Yellow Switch and climb the other ladder up. There is a little knight, you will need to jump on it to reach the Red Switch. When jumping off the little knight, try to land on the edge, if you hit the Red Switch by accident, chances are you will have to go back down to hit the Yellow Switch. So hit the Red Switch when the red shyguy ghosts are in a position similar to the screenshot above. The little knight will push Mario through the gap and Mario will fall
straight down collecting the Yellow Prize along the way. Jump on top of the other two solid ghosts and ride a donut down for the Blue Prize. It might be possible to barely collect the Blue Prize and do a backflip onto the other donut, but I haven't tried that. Otherwise you'll have to go all the way around and next time around jump for the ladder. Climb the ladder up and hit the Blue Switch. Duck so the little knight can push you in the right direction. Grab the bubble and presto.
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