Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 4-6, Section A
If you're going for speed, you might want to skip the Red Prize in this level. For completeness sake, we'll cover it. At the start of the level, jump off the trampoline and land on the elevator traveling left. Take this elevator left and get on the next elevator up. Next
keep walking right until you fall, you will land on a donut that will fall and collect the Red Prize. After the call, go right to hit the Blue Switch. Now take the trampoline and ride the elevator going right. Hop onto the blue blocks and wait for the elevator to come down. Go left and fall through the gap with the 1-Up Mushroom. Just by falling the Yellow Switch will be hit, collect the 1-Up Mushroom, fall with the donut and jump onto the yellow blocks. Then take the elevator going left, ride the other one up and keep going right. Be careful not to fall into any gaps and climb the yellow ladder up. The
Key will be up there, grab it and drop right into the gap where the door is. Unlock it and viola.
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