Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 4-4, Section A
In 4-4 one of Mario's oldest foes is back, Boo the ghost. Boo will stalk you when Mario is facing the other direction and when Mario is facing the Boo, it will just be still covering it's eyes. You can make this level a easier if you can control the Boo so it won't be in your
way. Start off by running foward, spikes will fall from the ceiling. Jump on top of the first one for the Red Prize, jump on top of the second one to reach the rope. Climb the ropes to land on the platform, what I did here was I jumped on the highest platform to make Boo go up, then fell down and made a rough landing on the Blue Switch. Grab the Yellow Prize and walk to the edge to allow the spikes to fall. Climb up the ropes again and cross the blue bridge to the otherside. Ahead is a Red Switch on a platform, you can either take the elevator or backflip to hit it. Next take the elevator down to collect the Key
and grab it. Finally take the elevator back up to unlock the door and the next section.
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