Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 4-3, Section B
This level is kinda spooky since it has shyguy ghosts, well not when we can control them switches. From the start, watch the two blue shyguy ghosts above the pit, imagine that they're moving platforms that can be stopped with the Blue Switch. Hit the Blue Switch
when they're in good positions, if you messed up theres a Red Swith nearby. Cross the pit and next you'll see two red shyguy ghosts. Once again lock the red shyguy ghosts in your favor with the Red Switch, use the trampoline to jump on top of them. Next there is a spike pit, walk close enough to the edge to allow the spikes above to drop. Jump on top of the fallen spike and wait for the others to drop. Collect the Blue Prize along the way and then climb up the ladder. Time your jump over the Blue Switch to get one of the blue shyguy ghosts underneath the ladder to make climbing it easier. Once you've got
them in position, jump on top of the solid blue shyguys to reach the 1-Up Mushroom on the far right. Jump back to climb the ladder up. From here hit the Red Switch when the red shyguy ghost is in the middle. Jump on top of him to reach the bubble.
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