Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 4-3, Section A
We can easily beat this level if we take our time, but we're going for speed. Jump on top of the elevator and perfrom a backflip when its possible to reach the other elevator. Once on the other elevator take it to the left and hit the Yellow Switch. Next drop down and

collect the Red Prize. From here drop down to the bottom elevator and take it right to the set of yellow blocks. Jump up to the platform with the Key, grab it and then drop down to ground below and hit the Blue Switch. Then wait for the bottom elevator, jump onto it and jump again on top of the blue blocks. From here transfer to the other elevator and take it left to hit the Yellow Switch. Quickly jump back onto the elevator if you can to save time and jump up the staircase that the yellow blocks created. Once the elevator is near enough, quickly jump on it and then onto the platform with the Blue
Switch, hit it and jump back onto the elevator. Take the elevator to the blue platform, throw the Key under the Yellow Prize, jump on top of the Key to be able to reach the Yellow Prize. Quickly grab the Key before it resets. From here I actually dropped off the platform and landed on the elevator that is closest to the Yellow Switch, it was a rough landing and the Key landed on top of the blue blocks. I then grabbed the Key and took the elevator to the Yellow Switch. Hitted that and jumped back onto the elevator. Once again, jump back up the yellow block staircase and take the elevator. Once Mario is under the yellow platform, throw the Key up, jump up and unlock.
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