Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 4-2, Section B
Alright, go foward and jump off the trampoline to the platform above. Don't let the little Knight push you off. Jump over the little Knight and duck to let him push Mario through
the small gap. Mario will fall down and be right next to the Yellow Prize. Run underneath the ladder and time Mario's jump to land on top of the little Knight. From here jump to reach the ladder and climb up. Once on top, the little Knight will want to ambush you with a push. Jump over to the otherside of him and duck to be pushed to the otherside of the gap. Jump onto the donut before you start falling. On the donut quickly jump from donut to donut before they start falling. The next platform has a trampoline and so does the one above it. Use the trampoline to reach the other trampoline and use it to reach the third
trampoline. Jump straight up to collect the Blue Prize and then left for the 1-Up Mushroom. Quickly jump from donut to donut until you've reach the third one. Collect the hammer and stand on the donut until it falls. You should be able to knock the first floating candle out of the way. Then jump on top of the bubble to knock out the other floating candle. Throw the hammer up in the air and grab the bubble.
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