Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 4-1, Section B
In the beginning a Throwmp will be waiting to ambush you, so be sure to outsmart it by letting him drop. Ahead there is a spike pit with a 1-Up Mushroom and Blue Prize above it. Get close enough and the spikes will fall allowing safe passage through the pit. Collect
the 1-Up Mushroom and Blue Prize. Be careful on your way up through the conveyors, watch out for the mini-Throwmp guarding the Blue Switch. Hit the Blue Switch and drop safely down the conveyors to the blue platform with the Yellow Prize. Go back up and dodge the Throwmp to reach the Red Switch. Hit the Red Switch whenever the Throwmp touches the blue platform. This will cause the red blocks to appear above the Throwmp and allows it to drop down pass the blue outlines. Allow the Throwmp to drop and take caution when jumping the gap. Climb up the ladder and burst the bubble.
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