Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 3-5, Section A
If you don't know about the backflip by now, pay attention because this is a very important lesson. You can speed through levels knowing this technique and is a skill you must master to become a expert in this game. To perform it, you must be running, press
back, then jump right after and Mario will jump super high. Even though you do not need to use it in the level since its loaded with elevators, it is still good to know. Alright in the beginning jump on to the elevator, collect the 1-Up Mushroom on the bottom platform and then do a backflip to the platform above. Take the next two elevators towards the Key, Grab the Key and jump back to the elevator. Jump to the grey platform and ride the red elevator to the other side. Go far left and jump off the trampoline to reach the platform above while still holding the Key. Next jump to the platform with the door, but while in
mid air through it. A timer will start on the Key, so quickly grab on to one of the chains and reach for the Red Prize. Go back and pick up the Key to unlock that door.
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