Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 3-4, Section B
Ride the drop block up and jump on to the platform. From here grab the chain and climb up. Watch out for the Toy Shyguy equipped with a flamethrower. Jump on top of him, pick him and throw it on to the spikes. May seem kind of harsh, but we need to jump on
top of him to get our hands on the Yellow Prize. Jump back to safety and continue climbing up. Jump over the single spike section. Jump on top of the Ninjis to grab the small chains above. Avoid the Shyguy with a flamethrower and drop down to land on top of the other Shyguy. Grab the chains and reach for the 1-Up Mushroom. Fall down on to the bubble, but don't pick it up. They want us to complete the level and miss the Blue Prize. So just drop down and grab the Blue Prize from under the Ninji. Jump on one of the Ninjis to go back up for the bubble. Two more levels to go.
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