Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 3-3, Section B
Unlike the last section which had a weak bridge in the beginning, this one has a solid red bridge. Don't have to worry about a thing, it won't break. The bridge is fine, but you need to watch out for the jumping flames from the lava. These can be easily dodged. Once
you have passed the bridge, you can do one of two things. The first thing is to jump onto the small platform with the Red Switch already hit and then from there jump on more just to get to the platform above or you can just do a backflip to the top platform and won't have to worry about playing with fire. Next climb up the red ladder and hit the Yellow Switch. Jump for the hammer and use it to knock out the flames. Drop off the end of the leftside of the yellow platform and hit the Red Switch. Do a backflip to go up to the platform above and climb the red ladder. Get on the red elevator and grab the chain. Then
jump for the 1-Up mushroom only when the red elevator is near the edge of the screen. Grab the chain again and jump right to the platform nearby. Hit the Blue Switch and drop down. Avoid the Yellow Switch and grab the Blue Prize. Theres a Toy Mario straight ahead, be sure to free it to go to the next level.
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