Mario vs Donkey Kong

Level 3-1, Section A
Straight out of Donkey Kong Jungle, we now are in Fire Mountain. Fire Mountain is the 3rd world in the game and it is hot. Can you handle the heat? Alright, some of you might remembered this part from another game, what game was that? Sonic the Hedgehog on
the Genesis. In fact this world borrows somes things from that classic. Here, we're basically riding a elevator across the lava and at certain points the lava will boost us up. Be sure to duck once you're near the blocks, otherwise you'll slide off. The first time the lava will boost us is right when you're below the Red Prize. Be sure to jump a bit early, because if you don't, you'll have a rough landing. Continue taking the same elevator. At the end there is a Key, grab the Key. Here is something I kept doing but was never successful, as soon as you jump off the elevator, grab the Key and jump back to the same
elevator before it leaves. I lost a few lives doing that, but anyways jump on the elevator before the lava rises, so you can go up and hop on top of the blocks. Wait for the lava to rise a elevator again and jump to the next block and presto.
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