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Sonic Battle
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What do you get when characters from the Sonic universe meet in a arena? Sonic Battle of course, in Sonic Battle characters such as Sonic, Shadow, Tails Knuckles, Amy and Cream all duke it out in 3D arenas that range from clubs to beaches to ruins and even Amy's room. Each character in Sonic Battle has 3 special moves that can be used as a ground type attack, aerial attack or as a defensive maneuver, these moves are chosen before the match and again after your character loses a life. Sonic Battle also has a adventure mode where Sonic is training a bot named Emeri, Emeri is a rejected bot from Dr. Eggman who was found on Emerald Beach by Sonic, then from Tail's research, Sonic learns that Emeri is a customizable bot that learns new skills by recording opponent movements during battle. Sonic Battle can't be a battle without a multiplayer mode, in multiplayer mode up to four players can link up in survival or a timed game. Also arenas can be chosen in any order so there will be no breaks in between each battle. Take a break from a Sonic adventure or a traditional fighter and give Sonic Battle a try.

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Sonic Battle Info

Genre: Fighter
Released: January 5, 2004
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Sonic Team
Players: 1-4 (Multi Pak)
Save: Battery

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