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Drill Dozer
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A gang of theives called the Skullkers have ambushed a Red Dozer theif and have stolen the Red Diamond, it turns out the Red Dozer theif was the father of a girl named Jill, who then jumped in a Drill Dozer and joined the Red Dozers to recover the Red Diamond and seek revenge from the Skullkers. Drill Dozer combines platforming action with drill plowing action. Shred furniture, collapse walls and turn the mechanical enemies into scrap metal. Power the drill to latch onto elevators and roll garage doors up. Finding hidden gears scattered across each level will allow the drill dozer to collapse stronger walls and shred through metals that was once Impenetrable. If that isn't enough, there is a shop where drill and health upgrades are available for purchase. Drill Dozer has a built in rumble feature so players can feel the drilling, it is disabled once in the GameBoy Player since the controller will rumble instead. Big bosses await and the Red Diamond needs to be recovered, hop on the Drill Dozer and start drilling today.

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Drill Dozer Info

Genre: Action
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Game Freak
Players: 1
Save: Battery

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