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Classic NES Series: Donkey Kong
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  • Classic NES Series: Donkey Kong
  • Classic NES Series: Donkey Kong
  • Classic NES Series: Donkey Kong

One of Mario's earliest adventures wasn't a Super Mario Bros. title, but a Arcade game named after the big ape Donkey Kong. In Donkey Kong, a damsel in distress was kidnapped by Donkey Kong and now Mario must climb up to the top of construction zones to save her. It won't be a easy climb to the top as Mario must avoid hazards such as Jumping fireballs and rolling barrels being thrown by Donkey Kong. Mario may not have super mushrooms and fireflowers, but he does have the Super Hammer which defeats enemies instantly. Donkey Kong is more of a arcade game then a adventure game, the game gets faster as players progress to aim for the highest score. There are two ways to get Donkey Kong for GameBoy Advance, one is to buy the Classic NES Series version or if you have the e-Reader, Donkey Kong can be saved on the e-Reader with Donkey Kong e-Cards. This arcade classic has made both Mario and Donkey Kong popular characters for not only Nintendo, but videogames in general.

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Classic NES Series: Donkey Kong Info

Genre: Classic
Released: June 2, 2004
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo

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