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Advance Wars
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Advance Wars is a turn based strategy game with animated battle sequences when frontlines meet. Players can build a variety of units ranging from ground, sea and air. There are also a varitey of characters complete with their own stats and special powers. At the end of every mission players are given a rank and a cash amount depending on the ranking. With the money players can buy new maps and unlock new characters. If a map doesn't suit your style, you can create a new map in Design Maps mode. With this map you can face against the computer or other players in multiplayer mode. You can link up to three other players in single cartridge or multicart mode. If friends aren't around for a battle, there is Campaign and War Room. Campaign is the story mode where you guide your army against other armies. War Room is where you aim for the highest rank on challenging maps and earn money at the same time. Advance Wars has a ton of modes and extras to keep players entertain for months. Advance Wars is out now, get enlisted today.

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Advance Wars Info

Genre: Strategy
Released: September 11, 2001
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Intelligent Systems
Players: 1-4 (Pass/Single Pak limited/Multi pak)
Save: Battery

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