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New GameBoyFan.com
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Over here at GameBoyFan.com we are excited to finally have the new design up. We felt that the previous design had a good run and worked well for what it was originally designed for. In version 2, we want to offer the best possible experience for both new and previous visitors who support GameBoyFan.com into what it is now.

Since the launch of GameBoyFan.com, we were gathering ideas for new features we can add to the site and then last March, it was time to start designing what you see here. The new version needed to be more expandable and to offer more information to the user. Both which were hard to do with version 1. We also cutted down the use of Flash since it made pages load longer then needed and at times could be more of a distraction. The site colors also changed a lot, we decided to use the color palette of the four original GameBoy SPs as the main colors for the site.

Where do we go from here? The new design is only the first phase of the new GameBoyFan.com, the next few months will be exciting as we break ground on new sections and features for the site. Pretty soon, a Message Board will be up, for the rest you'll just have to wait and see.

The future is brighter, this is only the beginning.

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New GameBoyFan

How did the new design come about and what is next? The answer is in this article.


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