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GameBoy Advance Cases
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Slip n' Slide Cases

Accessory by: NYKO

NYKO's Slip n' Slide Cases are not like other cases that fully cover the game cartridge. Instead it is designed similar to how the cartridges get inserted into the GameBoy Advance since the top of the cartridge will be visible. These cases work because they protect the most sensitive part of the cartridge, the connectors. They also cover most of the game label. The game cartridge can easily be seen through the clear plastic in front of the case. One of the major advantages that NYKO's Slip n' Slide cases have is that they protect the connectors of special cartridges like Yoshi's Topsy Turvy, Boktai, Drill Dozer and the e-Reader accessory, which are not the same size as standard GameBoy Advance cartridges. The Slip n' Slide cases come in different colors per pack, these cases have good design, but have issues created when manufacturing. The problems vary from case to case, some cases may be too tight for cartridges, others might have a little plastic tip hanging out that may scratch the label, while others will be just fine. If you're a collector, who wants to keep your games in perfect condition, its best to avoid the Slip n' Slide cases. If you can get a good pack, then more power to you.
Verdict: Not Recommended

Single Cartridge Cases

Accessory by: Intec

Intec's Single Cartridge Cases like above, also come in various colors and unlike the above, will protect the entire cartridge. These cases are inspired by the original GameBoy cases. Each case is designed to hold one game cartridge that will fit inside nicely. Even though the Intec Single Cartridge Cases are good to buy, they can still be made better. For example the bold colors makes it hard to see the label, it would be nice if the label area were a bit more transparent. Even if its easy to put a cartridge in, its kinda hard to take the game cartridge out since the sides of the cases are tight. The Intec Single Cartridge Cases are recommended since they get the job done of protecting the game cartridge.
Verdict: Recommended

Original GameBoy Case

Accessory by: Nintendo

The original GameBoy cases, those were the good times where every game comes standard with a case. Those days ended sometime during the GameBoy Color era when Nintendo started selling them separately. These cases were designed to protect the original squared GameBoy and GameBoy Color cartridges. When GameBoy Advance came out, we were using the original GameBoy cases until we can get our hands on something better. Even though it looks like two cartridges can fit, only one can. So the single advance cartridge will be bumping around. It was good as a temporary solution but not to be used for storing GameBoy Advance games for long term.
Verdict: Not Recommended

Nintendo DS Case

Accessory by: Nintendo

When Nintendo released the Nintendo DS, it still kept the GameBoy Advance in mind by making the new handheld compatiable with GameBoy Advance games. Also the case of a Nintendo DS game would also have a storage spot for a GameBoy Advance game just like how the GameCube had a storage spot for memory cards. These cases are great if you have a lot of GameBoy Advance games that haven't been played in a while that needs to be a stored. The DS cases will hold the advance game cartridge in place just like it does with a DS game. Although the Nintendo DS game case is great to store games in, they're not recommended for travel since they are pretty big and will take up a more space then needed. These cases are recommended to keep loose advance games in a safe place.
Verdict: Recommended

GameBoy Game Case 3-Pack

Accessory by: A.L.S. Industries Inc.

The GameBoy Game Case by A.L.S. Industries are officially licensed by Nintendo which alone will guarantee that these cases are of high quality. Like the Intec's Single Game Cases, these are also inspired by the original GameBoy cases. Each GameBoy Game Case can hold 3 games, which is great because its better to have one case in your pocket then 3 that are always hitting, rattling in your pocket. The GameBoy Game Case holds each cartridge in place, its easy to put a cartridge in and its easy to take a cartridge out. The cases are highly transparent so you can see the labels of your game cartridges easily. It is also easy to open and close the case. These cases are the best cases, if your were to buy only one pack of cases make sure to buy these. After buying one, you will want to buy more, highly recommended.
Verdict: Highly Recommended

Gummy Case

Accessory by: Au'some Candies

Around the same time the original GameBoy Advance handheld came, these Gummy cases were also released. These cases originally came with Gummy heads of famous Nintendo characters such as Mario, Yoshi and Donkey Kong. Even though these cases stored candy, very few knew of its other use. It can be used to store a GameBoy Advance game, there was nothing written that said it can store a cartridge. But if you open the case, there are little L shaped lines that a advance game cartridge can fit between. Place a cartridge inside, close the case and a cartridge can be used for display purposes. These cases are more practical then the others reviewed here since they are not meant for travel and also the cartridge will easily fall off if its not on a flat surface. These cases come in the first four advance colors with different color gummies. If you have a rare game, this is the perfect case to display it on the shelf with, it is recommended for display purposes and the gummies inside.
Verdict: Recommended

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